Moto Guzzi Pushrod Engined Land Speed Record Assault

2001 Maxton Results

May 27, 2001
Hey Y'all
I was unable to get to Maxton, as planned, yesterday. I left home early this morning and arrived at the track under turbulent skies and serious crosswinds.  All of the officials were sort of chuckling and one of them told me that the Harley boys had made mincemeat out of our records the last time out at the end of April.  I was unable to attend that one and my heart sunk when I got the official standings in the mail.  They took back the 1650, 2000, and 3000 records in APS/PG. However this is the game and our 992 cc are all red blooded Italians.

So, my first run was horrible........I was a bit timid about the crosswinds until I found that the Agostini boys had done their homework and even a blast from the side wouldn't unsettle the bike.  I ran in APS/PBG 1350 and took the record at 141.956.  Then I bumped up to MPS/PBG 1350 and took that record at 145.867.  I decided to re-take my old APS/PG 1350 (a crummy 137) so I did one at..........149.254.   Now I was getting pretty cocky so I decided to re-take the 1650 that the HD boys had taken.  I did a disappointing run of 146.580 which was the identical speed to their record!

I redid the run at 148.760 so we now have that one back.  For my final coup d'etat, I decided that we deserved the APS/PG 3000 more than the HD guys so I took it back................150.000 mph!  Boy are they gonna be mad!!

They stopped the runs for a half hour because of the extreme crosswinds.........the timing tent took off and is probably in Wilmington by now!  Several of the car guys refused to run!  I only had one scary moment. On one of the runs, just as I clicked over 140, I passed beside a hole in the trees and was thumped....the bike swerved a bit but not enough to take me off the track.

I ache all over......58 year old bones, you know. I'll write more later.

Have a great Memorial Day y'all

Sidney  --  


April 1, 2001
Hey Y'all
We, that is all of us, can just puff out our little chests a bit more.  Today at Maxton, we took away all of the cookies and milk from the Harley guys!

We now own 5 Land Speed Records in APS-PG category.  That's A-frame, Partial Streamlined, Pushrod -Gasoline. These were all set with the same LM V that we ran at Bonneville in October of '99 with Todd Ross and Mitch Freshour on board (not at the same time of course...they aren't that chummy!!)

The previous records in 1000 cc, 1350 cc, 1650 cc, 2000 cc and 3000 cc were 121 (I think), 138.675, 99.119, 138.675 and 140.845 respectively.

The new Cooked Goose records are 137.615, 140.845, 144.231, 145.867 and 144.928 respectively.

I just sat on the bike and twisted the grips, the big pats on the back go to Russell Duke who did the wrenching.  After they handed me the timing slip with the 145.8 on it, I was so happy that I would have kissed the big Texas galloot on the lips had he been there!

I think that we should rename the Team, Cookin' Goose. Whattdyathink?

Sidney, who rode the Guzzi fast freight train today, in NC












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