Moto Guzzi Pushrod Engined Land Speed Record Assault
Photos from Bonneville 2001

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2 Geese

2 Geese

A flock of Geese

Big Galoot on a Lemans


Hear the 1000 LeMans in the pits at Bonneville - 1.4 meg WAV file


Coolest Car in the world

Crosly launching

Group shot

Mercedes Gullwing

Iron Sporty

LeMans on line

Mitch with 1100 Sport

Mitch Launching

Mitch on the line

Sidney and Mitch

Mitch and Sidney

Rob Wise

Rob with LeMans

Russell Duke


Sidney leaving the line

Sidney with LeMans

Sidney with Starter

Sidney Conn

Mitch, Russell and Sidney

Starting line

Susan Agin

Tip Paul gives the "Thumbs Up"


From Sheldon:

They've posted the results on the SCTI-BNI website (link on the front page of their site to "Speedweek Info", and then from there to "Event Records")   and Team Cooked Goose has two records going in the books:

1000CC P-PP           Sidney Conn                 137.920

1350CC P-PP           Mitch Freshour             151.588



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