Moto Guzzi Pushrod Engined Land Speed Record Assault

Moto Guzzi Balloon

The world's newest Guzzi model, the FFG (FireFly Guzzi), it displaces 77,500 cu ft, stands 7 storeys high, can lift 1750 lbs, has a 29,000 hp engine that weighs 16 lbs and uses 8 gal per minute a full power. 

It has no moving parts except for the main throttle body. 

Suspension is by Kevlar cable. 

Service ceiling is 34,000 ft but with oxygen injection into the engine can make approximately 60,000 ft. 

Fully loaded the FFG can climb at 2200 ft per minute and carry multiples of its own weight. 

The engine uses fluid amplifiers and generates only 101 dBA  at 20 cm under full power. 

Fuel is ordinary propane. 

The FFG, fully fueled, weighs 550 lb. 

Price? 3 new Moto Guzzi EV's. 

 First road test will be October 21 at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. Riders welcome.


From Sheldon:  Someone questioned the 29,000 hp rating and I asked Sidney, here is what he replied:

No, it's actually HP if you translate. The balloon engine makes 43.9 million BTUH. ( 8 gal per minute, 480 gal per hour, at full power. 1 gallon is just under 92,000 BTUH). The engine (burner) is capable of raising the temperature of 77,500 cubic feet of air about 20 degrees C in 10 seconds.

The balloon and 3 occupants weighs over 1000 lbs. It can climb at 2200 feet per minute. 1 HP is 33,000 ft pounds.

Work this all out and you'll see what tremendous power the balloon system has. Now if we could get Mandello to build a Guzzi engine, single or twin , pushrod or otherwise, 2 valve, 4 valve, or ....16 valve per cylinder and it weighed 16 lbs and it made 29,000 hp, do you think that we'd have Harley guys lined up at the door with Lira in hand? (Just kidding)

The burner (only) is capable of the 29,000 hp. I also omitted one little thing, 1 HP=33000 ft lb/sec. This makes it possible to see how many HP are required to make it do this little ascension trick.  

BTW, I'm the test pilot here and I've ascended at this speed. My knuckles were practically dragging on the floor, my cheeks were pulled down, my ears were stopped up tight and it was reeeaaaaaaallllly uncomfortable. Think of how poor Todd's gonna feel!! Yee-haa!



Check out FireFly Balloons web site at: 


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