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1000cc Pushrod record attempt
1350cc Pushrod record attempt

Update October 1, 2000:

The motor for the 1100 Sport is back together. This is the biggest and most challenging motor I have built to date. Norris 382/382 cam, timing gears, Raceco big valve heads, 97mm Wiseco pistons, Carrillo rods, and other juicy tidbits will all work together to make and transmit lots of power. I really had to pay attention to detail with this motor. Every single component was measured, clearanced, balanced, and smoothed. When building up a big motor that is going to be wound tight, it is critical that all details are taken care of- nothing can be taken for granted. For instance, the sleeves are so big that they significantly intrude on the pushrod tube tunnels. I had to grind the sleeves enough to allow the pushrods to move uninhibited, but at the same time, remove as little metal as possible in order to provide sufficient cylinder wall thickness. The valve stem height is 2 mm longer than stock, so the rocker arm holding platform needed to be modified to regain proper geometry.  All cylinder-related gaskets were either made from scratch or modified, due to the much larger cylinder bore. Squish and piston to valve clearances were all clayed, so that I could know how much cylinder material to remove. As soon as the new clutch plates arrive, I will assemble the motor/tranny unit and re-install into the frame. Modified mufflers and airbox will follow, and soon, the thunder of a cammed up, high compression 1182cc Sport 1100 will wake up my neighbors (they really love me, I know they do). I will try to record an .avi of the bike so that Sheldon can post it.

The Lemans 1000 has not been ignored. I am really looking forward to running this bike, because I have made some significant changes to it since we ran last year. I donít want to give too much away, but I will say that we are going to be much more serious about the altered partial streamliner class this year. We have to, because Team Elves has upped the record to 161+mph. This speed is going to be very tough to obtain, but with the modified motor, better gearing options, and better aerodynamics that we have this year- we have a shot at getting our record back. I think we will go very fast with the Lemans 1000 this year.

In 2 weeks, Woode and I will hop in the van and leave for Bonneville. I still have a whole lot of work to do before we blastoff, but I am committed to insuring that both bikes are complete, legal, and ready to run before we pull out of Austin. I look forward to meeting up with Mitch, Todd, Sheldon, Ed, Sidney, and the rest of the guys and working together to go fast on the salt. These are the times which we will proudly relay to the grandkids in years to come.

Thanks to Moto Guzzi North America, Lightning Motor Sport, Discovery Oil Co., Balloon Woks/Firefly Balloons, Silverbrok Embroidery, InRedLLC, and mostly, to all the Moto Guzzi owners who have funded this LSR effort. Without all of the donations from our fellow riders, this effort would never have gotten off the ground. When we are out there running the bikes on the Salt Flats, feel proud that you are a part of this fun, grass roots, historical effort to go land speed racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats on Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Russell Duke

Crew Chief, Cooked Goose Racing

Update October 15, 1999
Hear the engine run:  (704k WAV file)

Hi Guys, Attached is a fairly low quality sound file of the LSR bike running on the bench. I think the noise completely overwhelmed the microphone on the digital camera.

This recording was made last night about midnight. The bike was not revved above 3000 rpm, it just sounds like it. Check out the gear whine in the background.  The bike catches quick revs. Tonight and tomorrow I will try to put a few miles on it, retorque the heads and valve lash, change the oil and filter, and continue to dial in the bike. Then its time to load up and start drivin'.
See ya in Bonneville,


Update October 1, 1999

Tight Clearance- If you look closely, you can see the .025" clearance between the cam lobe and the modified rod bolt. Before modification the rod bolt would smack into the cam, which is a bad thing.


Go Fast parts- A shot of the stock cylinders which have been sleeved and bored to 90mm, Wiseco pistons, and the Raceco flowed heads.


Port- A shot looking down into the intake port of one of the modified heads.


Tweaking- A shot of me working on the bike.


More to come...   Russell


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