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October 21, 1999

We got out to the track at 8:00 a.m. again.  The weather is cold, but perfect for running.  We spent some time getting the bike back together and ready for the first run of the day.  About 10:30 we towed the bike to the line and Todd made the first pass of the day.  While he was in line, there were several cars ahead of him, I decided to make a quick call into the office.  I missed the run!!!!!!  But he had another good one at 131 mph!!!!  We are certainly on a record hunt. 

Steve Midgley showed up with a monitor for me so I am here in my hotel room at 1:00 p.m. putting up this update.  I will be heading back to the flats immediately and will try to post more late this evening.

I’m terribly sorry that it took so long to get this up but now that I have a monitor you should get nightly reports.


9:35 p.m.  I am now back in my hotel room after a quite satisfying day.  Todd took the bike for another spin-around-the-block and managed to get a 135mph run.  Bad part is that until we get the chin spoiler all of our runs are just dial-in runs, tuning the bike.  Mikc the Harley Guy changed classes this afternoon and ran a legal 129.  He now will have the opportunity to back that run up in the morning and if he does he will have upped the ante by breaking his own record.  We still do not have an official record so there is still a possibility that we could go away empty handed.  But we don’t believe that will happen.  The part should be arriving via Federal Express around noon tomorrow and we should be able to make at least one or two runs to establish a record.  We changed to higher gears tonight but won’t get a chance to check them out until morning.

We had dinner this evening at a Mexican restaurant.  An authentic one.  So many of the Mexican restaurants  in Minnesota are really Americanized and have terrible food.  But in Wendover Nevada the population is almost all employees of the casino’s and almost all Mexican.  So you can believe that the La Joya is wonderful food, wonderful atmosphere, and great, but interesting, service.

The best part of eating there was that it turns out the place was crawling with officials.  I managed to meet the Chief Timer, Glen Barrett, and a gentleman named Bob.  They were a real pleasure to talk to and a wealth of information.  Glen has been coming to the Salt since 1953 and knows everyone and everything about the events.  He and Bob run the timing tower and announce the events.  They even gave me an invite to cross the track tomorrow and spend some time with them in the tower.  What a thrill that will be.  Probably the best place on the flats to observe the racing.

Being here is incredible.  Watching 400mph streamliners scream by, Morris Mini Coopers trying for speed records, motorcycles running 205mph (Hayabusa) and meeting some of the finest folks I have ever encountered at a racing event of any kind, has been one of the biggest thrills of my life.

I first started reading about Bonneville when I was only 7 years old, in the pages of Hot Rod magazine.  Being here is something that I have dreamed about since that time and that dream is finally realized.  The effort is extremely important to me, but being here is something I always thought was beyond my reach.  Only because in the scheme of priorities it did not rank high.  I now realize how high it should have always ranked.

Son #1 likes cars as much as, or even more than, I do, and he is becoming a motorcycle lover also.  Seeing all these wonderful vehicles here I kept thinking how much he would be at home here.  I am going to have to see if there is a way that he can come with me next year.  I think having him here with me would be one of the nicest experiences a dad could have.  I will surely try to pull that off.

Tomorrow will be a full day.  We will try to get one or two rides in during the morning hours and after the part arrives we hopefully will be able to accomplish what we came here for.

More to come tomorrow…


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