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April 29, 2002
Hey Y'all
Some really fine news to perk up your day!
Saturday morning, the newest rider on the Cooked Goose Land Speed Racing Team distinguished herself by taking the Production Pushrod 2000 cc record at 142.67144 mph!

Resplendent in her 'too cool' new leathers, Susan Agin first did two Rookie runs to acquaint herself with a bike on which she had never ridden and then did the record run which is now officially posted in the Maxton records.

The bike, our 1100 carb Sport has to be ridden a bit aggressively in order to make a smooth launch. Since Susan is used to one of those underpowered, sissy Rosso Mandello V11's, her Rookie launches were a bit shaky but after gaining her confidence, she made a completely seamless record run, embarrassing some of the long time riders who could take a lesson or two from her.

We're all pleased and proud to have her on the Team and give her our congratulations on a job very well done. Of course, we're all well aware that there will be no living with her now!

Sidney in NC

ps. Oh BTW, I did OK too



More from Sidney:
Our strategy was to have Susan, resplendent in her new cool Team Cooked Goose leathers, do her rookie runs in P-PP 1350 and then change classes to P-PP 2000 to raise the bar on Mitch's record.  Then we'd change category to MPS-PG 1350 and I'd do my runs. On her first run, on a bike she had never ridden, she made 103.915.  She was a bit wobbly and unsettled, as are we all so we decided that she'd do another rookie run at under 125 (Rookie rules) before attempting to take the record.  Her second run was much smoother (124.343) but the launch was still a bit mushy.  Acala has to be launched aggressively because he bogs at low speed.  On her record run, she was into the groove! The launch was great, the shifts were seamless and I could hear the bike fly all the way to the dogleg.  She turned in a 142.671 to take the 2000 cc record.  We now own all of the P-PPs from 1350 up to 3000 cc (at highly respectable speeds) and as soon as we get the LM back on the track we'll have the 1000cc one too.

Since the engine was a bit tight, I held the revs down to 8000 in all gears on my run and came out with a 150.983, taking that record.  We could have bumped into several different classes but it was quite heavily overcast and getting a bit windy so we decided to fold our tents and head over to Angiers for Guzzi Day. That turned out to be a good decision 'cause it was sprinkling lightly as we left the track.


March 24, 2002
Hey Y'all
The LSR LMV always felt ferocious!  After a few runs, my arms got tired and sore. It felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets.  The noise and harsh ride contributed to the effect.  That little 1 liter Goliath humiliated Harleys running all the way up to the 3000 cc classes.  By contrast, the LSR carb Sport 1100 always felt sorta refined and stealthy. It just felt like a fast Sport 1100, nothing great but it was a true 150 mph bike. We proved that at Bonneville.

We took our own advice and sent the previously race-prepped Raceco heads to Mike Rich Motor Sports.  The heads came back looking astonishingly clean and different.  They were accompanied by a set of flow curves that were unbelievable!  So, after my first my first run at Maxton yesterday, when I turned in a 134, you can understand why I felt heartsick.  As I pulled into the impound area, the Sportster guys were checking my time and they were smirking from ear to ear.  With monumental effort, they kept from laughing outright.  I went back to the pits with Mother Goose (our team administrator and soon-to-be LSR rider) and tried to assess what I had screwed up when I reassemble the engine.  Finally, in desperation, I pulled the jets and found to my great surprise that they were the ones that I had neglected to change from our runs last October. I realized that with the massive increase in airflow, an accompanying increase in fuel was required.  I didn't have larger jets with me so we hopped into the car to run into Laurinburg to find some numbered drill bits, knowing that this was next to impossible in a small Southern town on a Saturday.  Maxton is in a sort of industrial park and as we drove by a factory which manufactures brakes for trains, I noticed a few cars sitting in the parking lot.  A foundry has to have a machine shop.  No?  Still wearing my leathers, I ran in and found a really nice guy who took me around the smoky dark innards of the huge building until we found the maintenance man.  I only had to tell him that we were trying to stave off the attack of a bunch of Yankees riding bikes made in Milwaukee and he hopped right to his work bench, found the right size drill and bored the jets.....refusing any type of compensation!

We put the jets in and hurried out to the start line.  The green flag dropped, I twisted the right grip and the bike became a snarling ferocious tiger!  The tach snapped to 10,000 in first, 10,000 in second, 10,000 in third, 10,000 in fourth and 9200 in 5th.  I was so mesmerized by the tach needle that after I went through the traps, I forgot to shut down right away.  I finally looked up and the end of the track was coming at me really fast!  I sat up to provide some air braking and the wind blast almost tore me off the bike! I climbed on the brakes at the last possible moment and made the turn out. When I got back to the impound area, I noticed that the Harley guys were no longer laughing!!  Then the Chief Timer handed my my timing slip and I understood why. fast can an 1100 Carb Sport go? If you guessed 165.715, you were right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ended the weekend taking the Harley records in 1350cc, 1650cc and 3000cc Production Pushrod classes.

Mitch had already taken the 2000 cc record last October and we have some plans for that class for the April runs so we didn't raise the bar this time out.

My observations.....speed is addictive!  165 feels wonderful, waaaay better than 150!  You can fool around with pipes, crossovers, chips, Cheng Shinsand any oil that you like but what Shelby Kennard told me a long time ago is absolutely true, the week link in the Guzzi chain is the restrictive flow in the heads.........I'm sending my EV heads to Mike Rich this week!

Sidney in NC

ps.If 165 is here can 170 be far behind?

ps. so now what's your excuse for not calling Muriel at 800-877-9506 and buying a T-shirt?


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