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Re:  Donations,

Hey Y'all
If you want a nice way to start off your day or a nice way to end it, please call 800-877-9506 and ask for Muriel.  No, this isn't a 900 phone sex line, it's the donate-a-few bucks-to-the-Land-Speed-Record by credit card line!

Muriel is the company sweetheart. She's in her 70's and sweet as Suthrun' sugar. She'll take your $10, $20, $50 or whatever donation and put in on your credit card.  It's clean and easy and you won't have to buy and lick one of those nasty stamps.

If you don't enjoy having a short conversation with Muriel, you have no soul and should probably be riding another kind of bike...


Hey Y'all
Several overseas folks have asked how to donate not using the telephone.  To do so, you can email or FAX 1-704-878-9505 please give your card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card and your address....oh yes, the donation amount is important! --  Sidney (and Muriel who doesn't as yet ride a Guzzi)

If you're not a member of the Moto Guzzi mailing list and want to join it go to  and join the "motoguzzi" mailing list.

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