Moto Guzzi Pushrod Engined Land Speed Record Assault


Re:  Donations,

Hey Y'all
If you want a nice way to start off your day or a nice way to end it, please call 800-877-9506 and ask for Muriel.  No, this isn't a 900 phone sex line, it's the donate-a-few bucks-to-the-Land-Speed-Record by credit card line!

Muriel is the company sweetheart at Firefly Balloons.. She's in her 70's and sweet as Suthrun' sugar. She'll take your $10, $20, $50 or whatever donation and put in on your credit card.  It's clean and easy and you won't have to buy and lick one of those nasty stamps.

If you don't enjoy having a short conversation with Muriel, you have no soul and should probably be riding another kind of bike...

Firefly Balloons
Discovery Oil Company
Lightning Moto Sport
Michelin Tires
Minnesota Moto Guzzi Owners Club
MGCL Web site
Moto Guzzi North America
Rich Motorsports
Salt Lake Motorsports
Silver Brook Custom Embroidery

Individual Contributors

Arbour, Bill May, Mo
Aubut, Sheldon McMullen Jr., R. B.
Bertlin, Peter & Yvonne McNutley, Peter
Bewley, Glenn Metz, Kimberly
Boston, Doug Mooney, Charles
Brown, Eddie Munson, John
Buntz, John Orig, Wayne
Conn, Sidney Overby, Gary
Cowden, Pat Paul, T. Hays
Dew, Larry Peabody, Bill
Eastman, Bill Perez, Anthony
Ellerbroek, Dennis Porter, Barry
Filak, John Pulling, Doug
Fitzgerald, Will Rietdijk, Bjorn
Fitzgerald, Felicity Roman, Erwin
Fitzgerald, Pat Roman, Olivia Lucia
Hagar, John Sanderson, Barry
Harper, Brian Schroeder, Craig
Harvey, Roy Short, Tom
Kalal, Daniel Smith, William O.
Kelly, Chris Sterling, Patrick
Knytych, Bob Thiem, Jimmy
Komoroski,  Ron Trosper, Eric
Kuusinen, Topi Truitt, Stephen
Lagerberg, Alexander Waylett, Patrick
Larson, William Wedge, Frank
Lindsay, Ian Willcox, John
Littlefield, Donald/Linda Wilson, David
Lively, Ken Wise, David
Lloyd, Leonard Wolfe, Mike
Lodge, Don Wyse, Terry
Lyon, John Youngblood, Peter

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